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In the chart below are compared in red windows platform development, web application development in blue. The chart covers data collected from mmsoftware customer..

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Our Core Service

Our experience is based on software development. The enterprise ITC consulting complete our offer. MMSoftware has created a package of advanced technical support to companies offering prepaid services per hour and annual business contracts.

Where we specialized

Small and medium sized enterprises are the majority of our customers. In the development of software for foundries die-casting aluminum boast over twenty years experience.

MMSoftware Services

Why Should You Choose Us?

  • Because companies need to develop strategic procedures without going to compromise that standard programs require.
  • Because the high quality of the developed software ensures easy upgrades over the time.
  • Because you can benefit of programs in different platforms.
  • Because the tools used to develop software allow a reduction of up to 50 percent of costs.
  • Because development time, testing and release always respect the deadlines.
  • Because the assistance is able to quickly resolve any problems.
  • Because we have twenty years of experience in software development
  • Because we use a group of skilled technicians able to handle most of the problems of the enterprises

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