Die CastingMMSoftware for Foundry


Sintesi milestone

In 2006 an important light alloy foundry operating in the automotive market, asked us to analyze the possibility of integrating their erp software, with a system which would manage strategic models for their business. Tracing the life cycle of the particular trace the product upstream and downstream of the manufacturing process, modify the processing steps of the product through a real-time management of quality, monitor the work in progress inventory, manage suppliers and distribution, had to be the basic requirements for the success of the project.

The positive outcome of the feasibility study, gave rise to the development activities. The analysis group composed mmsoftware, the software company's management, the heads of the functions involved, began a path of work that went on in the next two years through a continuous exchange of ideas and solutions. The involvement by the managers of the company to all operators of the functions that would be involved in the use of the new system determined the success of Sintesi.

To date, the positive results obtained, it led us to use the project as a reference model for MES implementations.

Sintesi Project

Sintesi MES is a layer that sits between the production software management and the advanced functions of a MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems). The characteristic vertical platform of the system, allows the integration with the majority of management models / erp present on the market; the property to accommodate different business models, is the added value of our project. Sintesi MES, the milestone of MMSoftware, manages the planning and scheduling of production orders, the / step of the production phase, manages supply-chain, quality assurances, warehouse and logistics. Below you will find some of the features managed by our system:

  • Quality Assurances
  • 8d report
  • Traceability
  • Production planning
  • Production progress
  • Supply-chain management
  • Management outwork
  • Sales management
  • Stock control
  • Picking
  • Inventory

The strengths of the software are life management of parts products from production to distribution. The system allows you to manage and modify in real time the run cycle, according to a non-conformity, corrective and preventive action and action taken; the use of a proprietary system, allows you to manage the phases of recovery, in order to permit assessment of the costs incurred for non-quality. A timely management of processing by the suppliers, exercises control that can detect the hidden costs that a common management system hardly fail to detect.

The interfaces assisted by barcode reading systems, strict controls on the progress of the production, a system of wireless portable terminals, facilitate all the operations both by the technicians of the quality control, that the operators assigned to the processing, that the warehouse, reducing the margin of error during the recording and handling.