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The passion for computers and new technologies was decisive in 1995 when I developed my project: MMSoftware. The enthusiasm that moved me in those years took me in those to come in a continuous growing up of satisfactions and new stimuli. It was a game, today it still is.

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MMSoftware has developed successful management systems for SMEs. For the die casting industry we have gained a lot of experience implementing successful projects. In this regard, we have dedicated inside the site a section dedicated to software developed for light alloy foundries that we invite you to read.

MMSoftware Sistemi Informativi

It was 1992 when I started programming in Cobol / sql-embedded in an IBM mainframe to a major Italian software house. Later I began to develop in C / pl-sql on oracle / unix platform. In 1995 I began to believe in the MMSoftware project, create my own business that dealt with software development that would integrate with older systems through new more user friendly experiences.

Since that time, the personal experiences helped, integrating with those of contractors and consultants, to form the body of knowledge of MMSoftware understood not more, by its nature, as the logo of a freelancer, but as a team of experts able to compete competitively with the needs of new markets.

Our mission


Foster continuous improvement of companies through procedures and supports efficient, attack effectively organizational weaknesses, control and programming. Disseminate and share information, enhance internal resources through the full sharing of new solutions and the development of new projects. Support the growth of the customer through professional advice timely, up to date, up to date. Ensuring value for money advantageous.

Our values


I feel obliged to thank all the staff and customers since 1996, have contributed decisively to the development, growth and experiences of MMSoftware Sistemi Informativi, translating with great humility and generosity their valuable ideas in projects highly innovative. I learned a lot from them, humility, integrity, professionalism, the approach to problem solving and the correct evaluation of the objectives.Software passion summed up in the motto MMSoftware warranty.



MMSoftware has developed over the years software as support to systems / models TPM, SMED, OEE, MES, ERP, TQM .. Companies operating in Lean optical (Lean Production, Lean Thinking), have chosen our solutions to develop their business. Today, we can guarantee a universal support from the customization, support, training and development of new software. After many projects dedicated to software for SMEs and casting foundries, today we can ensure a strong experience on the resolution of most of the problems operating in difficult market.

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