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Diecasting Software

Diecasting SoftwareTwenty years of experience developing software for SME, fifteen years of expertise in software for foundries, are the calling card of MMSoftware.
If you want to effectively attack the problems that emerged in your processes without stooping to compromises imposed by the standard to which you rely, MMSoftware is a solution.
Contact me I will be happy to meet you personally. Michele Marzola

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A brief history of a great passion

owner of mmsoftwareMMSoftware Sistemi Informativi di M. M. is the name of the first society born in 1996.
Originally, the two M's were the initials of the two founders: Marzola and Miglioli. Subsequently always MMSoftware Sistemi Informativi MM became a sole proprietorship with the two M's to indicate the holder Michele Marzola. Today, the same is the name-logo used to practice the e.d.p. analyst profession. A constant, Michele Marzola, from 1995 to present.

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The sails of MMSoftware

Logo of mmsoftwareThe logo shows two stylized emme shaped sails: it is no coincidence. Go to sea, driven and sometimes shaken by the wind is the strongest emotion that i have ever tried. It 's always the first time, never boring, never indiscreet, silent for a long time and instantly asks everything, sometimes what one can not give.A strong passion for my work, there had to be an even stronger element of attraction to meallowed to live in a dimension where everything else is lost. A tip, go to sea.

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  • 1 Wearing mmsoftware technology
  • 2 Enterprise Systems Integration
  • 3 Shoot down development costs by 50%
  • 4 Cross Platform Architecture
  • 5 Generation of customized dashboards
  • 6 Workflow module
  • 7 Business intelligence to monitoring your process
  • 8 Report and chart creation
  • 9 Export your data
  • 10 Multilanguage option
Software Development
Software Development
Learn how MMSoftware develops the software with a powerful framework.

MMSoftware uses the same framework for all development projects. This approach ensures easy upgrades in time.

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Die Casting Sector
Die-casting sector

MMSoftware develops projects since 1998 for die-casting.

MMSoftware for foundries
SMEs Sector
SME Sector

Discover all the advantages for SME

MMSoftware for SME
Help desk support
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